Tribute To The Wailers (The Island Years)

by Dj Shamann | The Wailers | The Island Years (1972+)

TRIBUTE TO THE WAILERS (PART III) “THE ISLAND YEARS”: 70 years ago a legend was born. A pioneer in the early days and a prophet to many for generations to come, celebrate the birthday of Robert Nesta Marley (Feb. 6, 1945 – May 11, 1981)   Download

Live From DisGraceland

by Dj Shamann | Retro / Mash Up

LIVE FROM DISGRACELAND: A friend of mine owns a bar called DisGraceland on Bloor W. They had a free for all DJ night once a month and he asked me to come by and spin a set, this is what I dropped. Very random, everything from Survivor to James Brown to KC & The Sunshine Band.


Tribute To Aaliyah

by Dj Shamann | R&B

DJ SHAMANN PRESENTS “AALIYAH”: A nice mix of Aaliyah tracks, more specifically from her work with Timbaland, Missy Elliott and Co. I was a fan of that era and they definitely helped shape it. This is not a sad mix, just a collection of good music from an artist who was One In A Million.


Music For The Masses (2003)

by Dj Shamann | Hip Hop / Dancehall

MUSIC FOR THE MASSES (2003): almost every single track is a remix or blend, and between each one of those there’s a scratch/breakdown/interlude of some sort to tie it all together. It may get confusing for some but if you like to hear a Dj really put in his work, you’ll enjoy this one.



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