I Need Boogie Down Buffalo Girls

A Mashup Just For Fun by Dj Shamann

The other day I was making a joke on FB about hard to remember names of forgotten groups, and trying to find that shit in a pinch when DJing. Back in the day, we had crates of records and you had a general idea of where stuff was, it might’ve taken a second, but not too hard to find a track if you were organized (or if you even remembered to bring it that night).

Now, in digital days, (yes I still use turntables but the library is on a hard drive) we can just type in the name and have their whole catalog come up. Simple right? Not always. You see, a lot of pop R&B groups went by abbreviations back in the day, BBD, SWV, TLC, but at least they had bigger catalogs and we actually knew what the letters stood for.

But, what if it’s some weird abbreviation where you don’t even remember the meaning behind it? In this case, B.V.S.M.P.

No diss, because it’s a ladies dancefloor classic, but what does it even mean? (Yes I Googled, but I shouldn’t have to!) And try finding it when you can’t remember if you labeled with or without the periods, or what order the letters were in to begin with. (” I Need You” on its own just brings up way too many songs). Anyway, the point isn’t to stress a pop group’s name from 20 years ago, but to lead into why I even posted this.

After the status, a friend jumped in the convo and started talking about old school hip-hop mixes. Now, for you die-hards, B.V.S.M.P. may not be Hip-Hop, but music is meant to be mixed! He brings up this old mashup he heard way back and “I Need You” was a part of it. I had never actually heard the mix, but nostalgia kicks in, I was in front of the turntables having a few beers anyway, so I decided to do up my own take on those tracks. Here it is…


Man Parish – Boogie Down Bronx
* video by electrozaps
B.V.S.M.P. – I Need You
Malcolm Mclaren – Buffalo Gals

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