(Dancehall – Remix) Red Flame – Episode VI – Reloaded (Dj Shamann & Spyda) (2003)

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(Dancehall – Remix) Red Flame – Episode VI – Reloaded
(Dj Shamann & Spyda) (2003)

I remember when we made this, I knew it was good but I wasn’t sure where it sat on the list of the series, now I listen back after all these years and I really like how it flows. There was some great remixes as well which brought us back after Episode V which didn’t have as many (We trying something different with that release) and I think maybe minus one or two of the riddims that were just quickies anyway, this is a timeless mix.

I have a spot for all the mixes we did but this is really near the top of list now, it’s funny how I can appreciate it even more now 8 years later than I did when it was fresh. Big up Spyda who made this one with me and really pushed some of the ideas which helped make it a classic.




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  1. yo shamann on a real not dude yrs ago me and my friends used to jam to this redflame reloaded and we played it the fuck out man and for the last 5 or so yrs i was wondering how the hell i could find that album again…then jus the other day i was talkin to my girl bout red flame being dj shamann and i told her it was u and she couldnt believe it and neither can i!! honestly great job man and im def downloading this whole redflame set to jam till its played out again…thanks dude u def jus made my day…mad respect shamann and big up the red flame………josh duggan

  2. Yes Josh, big respect. I did indeed make these mixes and I’m glad they have history for people. I’m hunting down some of the old cassettes and once I get them transferred I will up them.



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